Integrative Anatomy University of Missouri

Kristina Aldridge

Associate Professor
PhD, 2004, Johns Hopkins University
office: M309 Medical Sciences Building
phone: 573-882-8910
fax: 573-882-4612
email: AldridgeMail
interests: craniofacial development, evolution, and integration; neuroanatomy; neurodevelopmental disorders
Kristina Aldridge

Dana L. Duren

Director of Orthopaedic Research
PhD, 2001, Kent State University
phone: 573-884-7023
fax: 573-882-1760
email: DurenMail
interests: bone and joint health over the life course, pediatric bone health, skeletal maturation, methods for assessing skeletal health
Dana Duren

Cheryl A. Hill

Assistant Teaching Professor
PhD, 2008, Pennsylvania State University
office: M312 Medical Sciences Building
email: HillMail
interests: anatomy education, craniofacial development and evolution, craniofacial disorders, hearing and equilibrium
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Casey M. Holliday

Associate Professor
PhD, 2006, Ohio University
office: M318 Medical Sciences Building
phone: 573-884-6599
fax: 573-882-4612
email: HollidayMail
interests: Evolutionary and functional morphology of the reptilian skull; craniodental mechanics; crocodyliform evolution; dinosaurs; adaptive plasticity; connective tissue biology; computer modeling; paleoecology
Casey Holliday

Laura Johnson

Assistant Teaching Professor
PhD, 2012, Duke University
office: M166 Medical Sciences Building
phone: 573-884-7303
email: JohnsonMail
interests: Student retention in medical education; Vertically integrated anatomy education; adaptations to arboreality; nails and claws in primate evolution; body size, shape and locomotion
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Kevin M. Middleton

Associate Professor
PhD, 2003, Brown University
office: M311 Medical Sciences Building.
phone: 573-884-3192
email: MiddletonMail
interests: Biomechanics and functional morphology of locomotor tissues; skeletal physiology and adaptation; evolution of vertebrate flight; experimental evolution
Kevin Middleton

James V. Proffitt, IV

PhD, 2018, University of Texas at Austin
office: M170 Medical Sciences Building.
phone: 573-882-3751
email: ProffittMail
interests: Evolution of novel locomotor behaviors; comparative anatomy and physiology of birds; biomechanical modeling; vertebrate systematics; Neogene vertebrate paleontology of the western USA; implementation of science-based policy

Aidan Ruth

PhD, 2016, Kent State University
office: M174 Medical Sciences Building
phone: 573-884-2361
interests: human evolution, skeletal and enthesis biology, ligaments and tendons, comparative primate anatomy, basicranial morphology
Aidan Ruth

Richard J. Sherwood

Ph.D., 1995, Kent State University
office: M307 Medical Sciences Building
phone: 573-882-6174 (office); 573-882-7352 (lab)
fax: 573-884-4612
email: SherwoodMail
interests: Craniofacial biology, craniofacial growth and development, skeletal maturation, primate evolution
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Carol V. Ward

PhD, 1991, Johns Hopkins University
office: M308 Medical Sciences Building
office phone: 573-882-0858
lab phone: 573-882-8909
fax: 573-882-4612
email: WardMail
interests: Paleoanthropology; Australopithecus; Miocene hominoids; early hominins; evolution of ape and human locomotion
Carol Ward